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Indian women adore sarees because of their luxurious appearance and traditional elements. Saree is the most popular outfit in India and it signifies Indian culture to the core. There have been multiple fusions in Indian culture and traditions that are going to be global as well. Way India is distributed into several states, each state has its own culture. It is a phenomenally diverse country, where people come together to celebrate festivals on a grand level. 

Those were the days when women used to wear sarees on a regular basis, no matter even if she was expecting a baby. Unlike those times, women avoid wearing sarees in the contemporary period but eventually hop onto various online sites as well as offline to look for a perfect saree that can be her cup of tea for her farewell or for a wedding occasion. 

North India is a hub for fashion and style. It brings in various trends that people across the country love to follow. Known for vibrant colors, prints, and embroideries, North India is famous for several types of sarees. Whether the sarees are manufactured through handloom, or power loom, sarees of North India are exquisite and are favored by people across the world. 

North India serves richness and royalty both in clothing as well as in food. It delivers a variety of aristocratic sarees that are preferred by people worldwide. North India is a place people can relate to because of its vibrant culture and its beauty in every way. Sarees from North India also radiate elegance and class.  Indian women have access to countless sarees from this region that will enhance their wardrobes and help them make style statements for years to come. 


Let us focus on some famous sarees of North India that would surely activate your urge to buy a saree. 

  • Banarasi Sarees

    Banarasi Sarees

    Banarasi Sarees are constructed in various parts of Banaras and Uttar Pradesh. A gorgeous saree crafted from silk, organza, georgette, and shatter. A Banarasi Saree is distinguished by the use of gold and silver threads in the weaving. It is true that the Banarasi Brocade Saree is brilliance personified! Originally created in the Mughal era, brocade sarees are now being created in all parts of the country. The saree is emphasized with floral motifs, paisley, and traditional elements. Adorned with fancy tassels, Banarasi sarees are highly in demand. 

    • Kota Doria 

    Famous sarees of North India

    Kota Doria is another type of North Indian saree, that is manufactured in Kota, Rajasthan. Unlike silk sarees, Kota sarees are lightweight and transparent as they are made from the most popular fiber, cotton. These sarees feature weave-like patterns throughout to create a unique yet classy look. Rajasthani-originated, Kota Doria sarees are preferred by young women who are fashion novices and are going to wear saree for their farewells or college events. The crisp texture of these sarees is a thing to fall in love with. It gives a phenomenal drape and sticks to your body, flaunting your curves. 

    • Chikankari 

    Chikankari sarees are the most elegant and graceful sarees that originated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. These sarees have an amalgamation of style and creativity, that is enhanced on such astonishing sarees. These lucknavi sarees are adorned with Chikankari embroideries that have been taken into consideration from Mughal art. Most women opt for white Chikankari sarees because of their sheen and attractive appeal. Chikankari embroidery is majorly done on georgette and chiffon fabrics, which come out to be impeccable. 

  • Tissue Sarees 

    Tissue sarees

    Paper-like fabric, tissue sarees are loved by North-Indian women. These sarees are really comfortable and ‌lightweight. Tissue sarees are made with premium-quality silk yarn and are favored by women across India. 

    • Organza Sarees

    Organza Sarees

    Originating from Uttar Pradesh, organza sarees are like feathers - such lightweight sarees. Due to their transparency, organza sarees are mostly preferred by young women. The soothing prints adorned on this saree create a trendy look that emanates classiness all around. Organza sarees also come with embroideries like Chikankari and lucknavi. Features various pastel shades, the organza saree is among the hottest-selling sarees in North India. 

  • Jamavar Sarees

    Sarees of North India

    It is another popular saree from Uttar Pradesh, that is highly in demand. It is made with high-quality zari and woven with a jacquard weave. It majorly comes in vibrant colors like orange, red, and green. 

    Other Popular Sarees in North India

    Apart from such royal sarees from North India, amru brocades, tanchois, and shikargarh brocades are some of the high-end sarees that enhance the Northern region of India.

    As we know, each Indian state comes with some or other feature that becomes its USP. Being a diverse country, tourists often visit India for sightseeing and are flattened by the taste of clothing, food, and much more. According to ‌statistics, people from other countries, mostly shop for their ethnic attires from North India due to the variations of styles, trends, and colors.  

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