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Getting married gives us goosebumps. But at the same time, it is a delightful feeling. A newly-wedded woman is overwhelmed with nervousness and so many mixed emotions. As the wedding bells start ringing, the anxiety level scales up. Right? 

After all, Indians are still in a nutshell of marrying their daughters at an appropriate age as per their norms. Weddings carry a fusion of emotions, leaving behind sweet-bitter memories. A woman starts dreaming about her gala period once she gets rockafied. 


As wedding time is near, the preparations for trousseau shopping go hastily impulsive. And why not? A newly wedded bride must impress her in-laws by looking as fresh and adorable as the sun shines in the peak winter season. A bundle of sarees does not matter, but having exclusive designs with vibrant colors is preferred. Moreover, moms are even more excited about giving a bag of elegant sarees to their daughters with teary eyes.  

Yes, women must take it seriously because we are what we wear!

After researching and curating exclusive designs, we finally could gather an exquisite collection of sarees for new brides. Here on this blog, we have listed an elegant saree collection to impress each bride and to-be bride. 


Graceful Georgette Sarees

Sarees for newly brides

Enjoy the comfort of georgette sarees, which are famous for their restful and delicate features. These sarees are a terrific inclusion in a bride’s trousseau because they are convenient to drape. It will not take much time for her to get ready on the first day after her wedding. Georgette Sarees are easy to drape yet provide an ethereal touch to the newlywed woman.

The beauty of the digital prints of georgette sarees creates a soothing look. Go for vibrant colors of the sarees that will elevate your adorable appeal. 


Pure Cotton Sarees with Hand-weaving Work

Best sarees for newly weds

A lightweight pure cotton saree is an excellent choice for your trousseau. The comfort of the saree will make you look confident in front of your in-laws. Being an evergreen fabric, women of all ages choose cotton to add to their summer wardrobe.

Hand-woven embroidery of these pure cotton sarees will compliment you for sure. The beautiful elements uplift the grace of your saree, making you look sophisticated. 

There is an unbreakable bond between cotton sarees and women. No matter what, women of all generations prefer to wear pure cotton sarees everywhere. 

The subtle colors of cotton sarees are a pick for you. It will glow up your personality as a newlywed. 


Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanjivaram sarees for wedding

Established in southern India, these rich Kanjivaram sarees depict the authenticity of Indian culture. Due to the premium quality of silk threads in the weaving process, it costs expensive. A magnificent outfit for brides, it upholds the luxurious appeal because of the heavy artwork and royal borders. 

The bright hues of these aristocratic sarees blend well with the fabric making brides look extra-ordinary on their grand day. New brides must go for heavy Kanjivaram sarees to reflect their royal personality. 


Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarsi sarees for wedding

Banarasi sarees are the most favored bridal sarees. Popularly chosen by an entire country, these premium quality banarasi sarees are ornamented with heavy brocade and zari work. The local artisans wonderfully create the intricate pattern of the luxurious silk sarees. Moreover, the vibrant colors of these exclusive sarees enrich the appearance. 

The traditional Banarasi saree takes you into the limelight because of the ultimate motifs engraved. 


Sarees with Solid Colors

Sarees with solid colors showcase the simplicity and vibrant hues and shades. These sarees are perfect to wear after your wedding to embrace your delicate personality. New brides often get tired of wearing heavy pieces of jewelry at the time of their wedding. To accentuate the simplicity, exploring with solid colors of the sarees is a great choice. Some sarees display solid colors, while others have some intricate elements to show. 

Artistically hand-woven, these sarees are a masterpiece to be in the spotlight. 

These sarees come in different fabrics. You can choose your favorite and most comfortable fabric according to the event. 

Organza Sarees

Part wear sarees

These feathery organza sarees look royal. The luster of this fabric makes you stand out from the crowd. Organza saree features subtle colors and sober motifs to flaunt. 

Organza – the fabric with a nostalgic feeling, is one of the most captivating silk materials. A vivid dream, organza sarees look great wearing at cocktail parties, functions, and even at housewarming parties. 

A see-through fabric, organza is going to be your favorite fabric for sarees. If you are too slim and still looking forward to wearing a saree, go for organza sarees. It enriches your sleek figure into a sophisticated and prominent look. 


Appropriate Colors for New Brides

In a diverse country like India, you must be aware of the colors and vibrancy of this incredible country. Every culture has various styles and trends they follow. India is rich in culture, traditions, and a wide range of ethnic attires. 

People of different cultures prefer to wear rich and bold color outfits. The saree is the most loved outfit in India. Indian women usually pick Kanjivaram sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, Georgette sarees, and pure cotton sarees for their special days. 

A blend of emotions attached to this versatile garment, women wear sarees to embrace their tradition. It is the only reason for gathering an exclusive traditional collection for a new bride. Our ancestors used to believe that the new bride must wear royal clothes to create a positive surrounding. 



Best Colors to Choose 

Bold Reds

The luxurious Kanjivaram sarees elevate the richness of the red color. The brides look gorgeous in bold red sarees because it gives a new touch to their personalities. Red sarees with golden zari work enhance the beauty of the new bride. The vibrant and prettiest colors will make you look unique and elegant.

Adorning yourself with gold jewelry and red lipstick will create a majestic look.  

Glamorous Greens

The glamorous green color is enough to highlight the blush of the bride. The green color is not only soothing but also a mark of piousness. To-be brides must add green-colored sarees in their trousseau to look modish. 

Women in glossy green Banarasi Sarees look splendid. It is a perfect color to start your wedding journey as it replicates nature. A subtle and soothing color that effortlessly blends. 

Vibrant Yellows

The vibrant yellow color looks fantastic on authentic traditional wear. It also blends with all complexions. A warm color to go with, yellow ethnic wear depicts cheerfulness and positivity. Brides look lively & magnificent, adorning bright colors.

Finally, we would like to suggest something that will make you look one of a kind. Adding a few accessories to your ethnic attire will make you look lavish. 

Have a happy married life! 

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