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Having a baby is no less than a blessing. When a woman gets to know about her pregnancy, that is the most special day of her life. Preparing herself for all those sweet bitter pains during those nine months is a real task. 

As soon as the new mommy holds her baby, she forgets the pain. A newborn is such a cute creation, that nobody can resist holding the baby. Family members start collecting unforgettable memories from day one. Father-to-be and both maternal and paternal grandparents are overwhelmed with joy. 

Western culture has been captivating Indians for too long. Whether it is a Valentine's Day or a Baby Shower ceremony, Indians are enthusiastically celebrating such festivals making their loved ones feel a bit extra special. The trend has become viral, like weddings, that now people include their extended families to be a part of their happy times. 

Everyone adores the new trend of celebrating “Baby Showers” on a large scale, and why not? If you can invite a whole gathering to your wedding, why not call them on a baby shower event to celebrate your pregnancy with a cute baby bump?

Planning your baby shower can be fun and at the same time, it can be exhausting. But, you never know when is the next time you will get that pious chance of collecting an abundance of blessings that you will get on such a precious day. To make it memorable, the mom-to-be needs to wear the most comfortable outfit that can be airy as well as convenient to wear. 

Indians follow their authenticity by wearing traditional attire on such precious occasions. What could be better than a saree? A saree looks graceful as well as stylish when you know which color to adorn. Let us break this myth of not wearing stylish garments at your Baby Shower event. Being at such a crucial stage where you are carrying your baby inside your tummy, you must be careful about picking an appropriate saree with the right choice of colors. A lightweight saree should be on priority, and if you doubt about choosing the right color, we are here to support you.  


Getting a pool of choices on your big day is like winning an unexpected prize. So much to choose from, but what is appropriate for you, is what we have encapsulated in this blog. Have a glimpse of such pretty sarees for the Baby Shower event. 

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  • Bottle Green Pure Silk Saree

     sarees for baby shower

    Green-colored silk saree will look stunning at your baby shower ceremony. Due to its lightweight, it will provide ease to you making you enjoy your function. Bottle green color touches the soul and is believed to be the most royal and rich color. Enhanced with a golden zari border, this saree will look appropriate for the most special day of your life. Silk is believed to be the purest fabric because it is a natural protein fiber. Due to its excellent sheen and luster, most women prefer to wear silk sarees at baby shower events. Wear ‌subtle jewelry to make your personality stand out.  

  • Fuschia Organza Saree with Digital Prints
  • Best color sarees

    Go with the trend! Flaunt your cutest baby bump in a Fuschia-colored organza saree that will look phenomenal. Its feathery structure will keep you comfortable during the entire Baby Shower function. A perfect Baby Shower saree, this fuschia organza saree will be your outfit of the day. The Fuschia color gives a contemporary touch and it provides a mesmerizing feel. The soothing prints on the saree will keep you cool and breathable. Wear an essence of love to capture a pleasant memory for your baby. 

  • Red Georgette Saree with Persian Prints
  • sarees for baby shower

    Red is the most auspicious color for women. It is believed that women who are getting married or soon becoming moms, must wear red-colored outfits. It is a vibrant shade and naturally elevates your dull mood into a cheerful one. Get ready in this fascinating saree for the Baby Shower ceremony. This is a lightweight saree with minimal adornments that will keep you comfortable throughout the function. The subtle prints on the saree will make an elegant appearance. The golden border of this saree creates a magnificent look that will get captured sophisticatedly. Try to wear a loose petticoat under your saree to ease your belly area.

  • Yellow Patola Silk Saree 
  • Baby Shower sarees

    Yellow color has a different vibe. It signifies hope, happiness, and enlightenment. Like the Sun, the yellow color provides an enthusiastic impact on the entire surroundings. You can go for a yellow patola silk saree on this grand day. The patola pattern depicts authentic ethnicity to provide an intense effect on Indian culture. A silk saree for a baby shower is an appropriate attire as it is a lightweight fabric and silk is considered to be an age-old pure fiber. It is believed in Hinduism, that silk is offered to God and Goddesses as an ode of respect. Wearing a silk saree on your special day is precious as well as it is convenient for your baby inside your tummy. You will surely feel relaxed as your baby bump will not be affected by wearing this yellow saree at Baby Shower. 

    To conclude on your styling, you can go for subtle make-up adorning lightweight jewelry that looks apt with your particular color saree. Flaunt your baby bump and enjoy this event with your near and dear ones. Capture these sweet moments that will last in your memory. 

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