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Saree infuses a bit deeper into Indian souls as it has a touch of authenticity that feels to the core. Indian women adore sarees because a saree is not merely an outfit, but an emotion to hold on to. For a flawless outfit, a saree is the preferred attire to wear on every occasion. 

Saree is the perfect choice if you want a mix of grace and casual to get a sophisticated look. Traditional Indian clothing elevates your appearance and makes you feel comfortable inside. When you get an invitation for any occasion, the first thought that appears in your mind is, what to wear? Right? 

Every Indian woman undoubtedly chooses a saree to be her outfit for any special occasion. The Saree is one of the most beautiful garments in the world, much loved and appreciated for its elegance and ethnic charm. They have been worn to signify Indian culture for many centuries. Various regions have different cultures, so saree styles also vary according to where you live. Likewise, sarees have become hugely popular among modern women, especially because high-fashion designers have embraced them. There are numerous types of sarees in the Indian market that can be worn formally as well as in regular wear. From stylish sarees to plain cotton sarees, you can also get everything online. 

Picking your type from a pool of varieties can be puzzling and can create ‌chaos. Especially for novices, selecting an appropriate saree is like solving a sudoku puzzle without having any experience. Women who are buying sarees for ages, also often get confused as to which pattern or color should they choose. 

Buying sarees can be tough, but once you get to know the tips and tricks to buy a saree, it is just a peanut. Let us see things that you should keep in mind before buying sarees. 

Specific Occasion 

When you are going to shop for sarees, it is really necessary to understand for which occasion you are purchasing them. Because a party wear saree and a regular wear saree varies pole apart. If you are buying a saree for a wedding occasion, you should be aware of rich work and a hefty fabric to look luxuriously stunning. If you are buying a saree for regular wear, you must choose a subtle color and a soft fabric, prioritizing your comfort. 

Appropriate Fabric 

The fabric changes the game altogether. Although, cotton pieces are extremely comfortable fabrics, ‌‌are they efficient for ‌formal wear? Not every time! 

Fabrics like georgette, silk, satin, and organza can be formally worn, but have a difference in quality, texture, and weight. Georgette, satin, and organza sarees are lightweight but look gorgeous at parties. Due to the adorable prints and colors, these fabrics look perfect for sarees and can be worn by women of any age. 

Silk on the other side gives a classy look and is preferred by women to wear at weddings. Due to its sheen appearance, the silk saree looks aristocratic and along with regal elements embellished on the saree, making it a royal ethnic attire. 

According to Body Type

Understanding your body type is the need of an hour if you are buying a saree. Compared to cotton or silk, Italian, Crepe, Georgette, or Chiffon tend to stick to your body, giving you a slimmer appearance. Draping a saree is not arduous, but selecting a specific saree for your body type is. But with the help of this blog, you will resolve this issue in no time. 

You can go for hefty sarees like Kanjivaram, Organza, or Banarasi silk sarees for your slim and sleek figure. 

Prints and Colors

Elements play a crucial role in emanating the saree’s elegance. The more you wear subtle prints and colors, the better you will look. If you love to wear vibrant hues, then you must tone down prints. To make it relevant, go for horizontal stripes with light-shade sarees, as they will cover up your petite figure. 

Whereas if you are a little heavy build, you can go for plain sarees with solid colors, which will keep you looking confident and such sarees can adorn designer houses. 

The importance of understanding current styles and trends cannot be overstated. Transparent materials like organza, chiffon, and lace are extremely trendy right now, and many Bollywood celebs have been seen wearing them. Their versatility makes them very versatile and they can be draped in a number of different ways. Ethnic fashion has become dominated by unusual and innovative drapes.

In addition, there are many interesting accessories to choose from. No matter what type or fabric of saree you wear, selecting the right pieces can enhance its beauty. Fashion is not just about stylish clothes, but accessorizing oneself is really important. To flaunt your stunning personality, you can enhance your sarees with fashionable belts to make them unique and appealing. 

If you are a young girl who is going to wear a saree for a farewell or on teacher’s day at your college, you can go for junk jewelry. It will elevate even your dull saree to a magnificent one. 

Instead of going for different pieces of accessories, you can choose a stylish saree from our wide assortment of trendy sarees. Organza, georgette, and silk sarees will create a marvelous look. These sarees are timeless creations that is impeccable for any occasion. 

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